MasterFold took advantage of its purchasing power and by achieving better prices enables it to offer its existing customers, personal protection products at unbeatable prices, thus shaping the Safety Travel Kit. These products bear the Safety Travel Kit logo and you can personalize them with your logo.

  • Mask KN95 with protection filter FFP2 & 3D design with antibacterial technology that offers comfortable breathing.
    • Independent Safety Travel Kit Product
    • With soft tires and adjustable nose belt.
    • Composition of soft materials with PTFE filter membrane in between.
    • Odorless and skin friendly.
    • Certificate: CE / FDA
    • Packaging: Individually packaged
  • Out of stock
    Γενικής Χρήσης Πολλαπλών Χρήσεων και εξαιρετικά άνετη: Πλένεται , κατασκευασμένη από βαμβάκι ,ανθεκτικό υλικό επαναχρησιμοποιείται ύφασμα “διπλό”
  • This format can enclose a lot of information in a dimension that can even fit in your visitors' wallets. The user can use the specialized information in any case he needs it without any problem of transfer or usability. It includes all the useful information defined by the provisions of the JMC categorized and useful.
  • The Alcoholic Hand Sanitiser Gel Safety Travel Kit , kills 99.9% of germs. It is ideal for disinfecting hands in any occasion. Ideal for protection on the go. Dermatologically tested.
    • Independent Safety Kit Product
    • Alcoholic Antiseptic Hand Cleaning Gel
    • 80% Ethyl Alcohol
    • Bottle of 25ml
    • EU Production
  • Odorless white powder gloves, without powder, in individual packaging. The gloves are made of 100% natural latex and offer an excellent fit in the hand with an excellent sense of touch and freedom of movement. They are soft and provide outstanding comfort and a natural feel. Available numbers: Small-Medium-Large-X-Large
  • Disposable three-layer medical face masks with epirhin plate. They have parallel folds across their width for the best fit and the best coverage of the face.
    • Independent Safety Travel Kit Products
    • Standards: CE
    • Packaging: Individually packaged
  • They kill germs anytime, anywhere. They remove 99.9% of germs. The soft cloth gently cleanses the skin without irritation. Thanks to their composition & amp; in their practical individual packaging, they ensure healthy cleanliness and hydration in the hands throughout the day. They do not contain alcohol and are clinically tested. Ideal for protection on the go. Dermatologically tested. Unscented.

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